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About Us


I am a Mom of two amazing boys, wife, and for the past three years I have been taking care of my dad.  I worked with the same company in the financial industry for the past 17 years. Once COVID hit, I lost my job.  It was the only job I had known, as I worked there my whole adulthood up until COVID. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my career but I knew whatever it was going to be, it had to include helping others in one way or another. One day as I was cleaning my house and I thought to myself, I should start a cleaning business! I called my husband and my best friend, who were just as excited as I was! I had a cleaning lady come to my house for many years. It was always such a wonderful feeling walking into a clean house. If you have ever had a cleaning service come out to your home.....then you know what I mean! My team and I are very particular with the cleanliness of our own homes, and we will clean yours as if it were our own.

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